CCTV Security Camera Installation, Upgrades and Repairs

Security Wise (N.W) Limited offers a range of CCTV and observation systems, from residential applications to remote monitored systems with Police response. As the Number 1 installer of HikVision in the North West, you can rest assured that we have the experience, knowledge and skill to recommend the right type of system for your application and budget.

Closed circuit television has evolved over four decades with the last five years moving at a more rapid rate of advancement. From the old days of piles of video tapes to the modern day digital recorders with large hard drives and internet access including the enhanced connectivity to iPhones and similar smart phones.

Video Quality has also improved drastically over the years with full HD Cameras now being made more affordable and available to the public. We can install 1080p cameras which record in full HD and give exceptional video quality in both Daymode and Night mode – as can be seen from the exampels at the top of this page.


Full Colour, Full HD Camera's give superb clarity and quality no matter the weather.
Astonishing full-colour night vision shows every detail in full 1080P HD. True 24/7 protection.

CCTV can be used in various applications from seeing who is at your front door right up to process monitoring on large industrial sites. The flexibility of the camera and its control equipment brings more and more control of not only your security requirements but is just as effective as a business management tool.

We have worked hard to source the best possible quality in CCTV systems, not just from the price point but from the quality of the picture and the build quality of the cameras. We work very closely with a small number of suppliers to offer a wide range of systems, all of which we use on our own properties.

Security Wise (N.W) Limited specialises in all areas of commercial CCTV from retail applications right up to out hours monitoring with a proactive CCTV system. Integration with other forms of security systems such as access control are now common practice whether is a Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) camera that reads car number plates in order to raise or open vehicle gates of barriers, to image capture of employees or visitors utilizing your access control system.

CCTV Analytics

Improved CCTV Surveillance with advanced CCTV Analytics.

Human Body Detection

Security Wise can provide CCTV technology with the power to detect human bodies, while filtering out insignificant object and movements – where cameras from our competitors either can’t or flag up false positives. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to notify the owner via SMS or Push Notification that a presence has been detected. This not only gives CCTV owners piece of mind, but can also allow businesses to save money on alternative monitoring resources.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a versatile CCTV Analytical service. With facial recognition, you can successfully track visitors by their face – following their every move in both real-time and on review of the recorded footage. You can also use the software to send an alert to the CCTV Owner, by SMS or Push Notification, to the presence of a person of interest. This type of analytics is growing in popularity in areas where there is a large public presence, in Casinos to prevent banned visitors from returning, or in Sports Stadiums to prevent known offenders from accessing the ground.

People Counting

For transportation hubs, retail stores, sports venues, visitor attractions, and car parks, the gathering and analysis of accurate visitor information can assist businesses to improve their profitability and site management. People Counting video analytics can track the number of people who enter and exit a particular area. It can record foot traffic through a retail store on a daily basis, or monitor the number of people in a venue to ensure that health & safety limits are not breached at any one time, as in a museum for example, where crowds move through on foot.

Vehicle Management

Traffic monitoring and Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) analytics can be deployed to monitor vehicular traffic movement and enhance the efficiency of traffic management strategies. LPR can be used to identify vehicles with listed number plates and allow them access to public and private car parks automatically. Our cameras self-learn the number plate information within a scene and recognize a larger amount of number plates than conventional LPR systems, without the often cumbersome camera positioning adjustments.

Feature Packed

All of our CCTV Systems come with a wealth of features as standard, and have the ability to be upgraded even further. Below is small list of the features you can expect to see.

Full HD

Full 1080p HD Resolution

Remote Live Viewing

View your property live from anywhere in the world.

Remote Playback

Review your CCTV recordings from anywhere in the world.

Full Colour Night Vision

View in bright colour all day, all night.

CCTV Analytics

Powerful control of what your CCTV records.

SMS/Push Notifications

Get alerts direct to your device.

Facial Recognition

Record & Track visitors using their face.

4K HD Resolution

4K Ultra High Definition Resolution for pure quality images.

Licence Plate Recognition

Control access by vehicle reg, track visitors and much more.

Automatic Tracking

PTZ Cameras can automatically track anything you require.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows security companies to monitor your CCTV 24/7.

Items identified with a star may require upgraded equipment, additional subscriptions or additional equipment.

CCTV Security Camera Installation, Upgrades, and Repairs

For the premier packages in CCTV installation and upgrades, the Security Wise team can help you. We offer the best technologies available on the market and can get to you when you need it most. Our CCTV security cameras offer prime protection, and we provide the same dedication and commitment to safety and security with every job we do. Our knowledgeable professionals have been installing security packages in Chorley and beyond for years and know the best positioning to give you complete coverage and control over your property.

How to Choose the Best Security Camera for You

Our team can help to advise you on the best package for your budget, position, and requirements. We’ll discuss with you the expectations you have surrounding your security needs and then we can recommend a range of options using our expert knowledge of the market. Whether you need a security camera for your home or commercial property, our team will give impartial advice backed up with years of experience in the industry and can promise that we’ll give the best rates and service available in Chorley.

From our high-end packages which include facial recognition systems and an intensive focus on CCTV analytics to our more affordable options best for non-commercial and residential properties, our range of CCTV cameras cover every option available. We can discuss your needs with you and then you can decide which system works best for you; our team can offer installation and maintenance to ensure that your house is always as safe as possible, no matter how long you’ve had your CCTV system.

Whatever option you decide on, the Security Wise team will give you the same exceptional service and provide the proper coverage that you deserve. We can keep your property as safe as possible with our range of technologically-advanced cameras and ensure that you can rest easy.

Call the team today on 01257 475678 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

To see what Security Wise (N.W) Limited recommends in the installation or maintenance of a CCTV based system, we offer a custom designed service to fit your requirement. Call 01257 475678 for your free CCTV survey.

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